Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines
2017-2018 School Year
Dear Fairview Families: 
Welcome back to Fairview! The safety and security of all our students, staff, and visitors is a top priority of the administration. Our goal is to provide access to Fairview for those who need it,while following certain guidelines to better ensure the safety of all. Therefore, we wanted to share our visitor guidelines that were instituted several years ago.

1. All visitors must have a state issued ID every time they come to Fairview. Visitors will be provided a badge on a lanyard to be worn for the duration of a visit. Also, ID’s will be kept in the office and returned to you when you bring back your badge and lanyard to the office.

2. Even if you are a frequent visitor to Fairview, if you forget your ID at home or in your vehicle, you will be asked to retrieve it before being allowed entry.

3. Those without state issued ID’s will be limited to any necessary meetings or conferences to be held in the school office. We cannot allow those without these ID’s access past the school office for any event occurring between the hours of 8-4.

4. You will continue to enter through the Auditorium Lobby for any performance in the Auditorium.

5. Sports spectators will only be allowed into the gym when the door is staffed by a
Fairview faculty member.

Again, we welcome your presence at Fairview throughout the year and appreciate your patience and understanding of our visitor guidelines.

Cindy Whittaker - Superintendent