Dr. Cindy Whittaker

Dear Fairview District 72 Community Member,

On August 22nd, Fairview had the pleasure of welcoming to school 750 students! Among them were many new families, some from far away places and others moving from one part of Skokie to another. As they likely have already discovered, the Fairview community is one that will surround them with support and kindness. Please join me in wishing all of the new families a warm welcome to Fairview!

As we start a new school year, it is a great time to reflect upon our Fairview Mission Statement:

“Create a strong foundation for academic excellence and personal growth by setting high expectations, teaching to the needs of learners, and embracing the richness of our cultural diversity” Many public school districts develop mission statements that highlight a desire to attain educational excellence, provide a well-rounded program, or commit to fostering home-school partnerships. These are indeed worthy ambitions. Yet, what makes District 72 a truly special place, is the emphasis and focus every day on “teaching to the needs of learners.” District 72 teachers get to know each student as a unique learner. Students are placed in classes based on countless hours of consideration of individual student’s strengths and needs. Programming and supports are tailored to nurture growth and development based on the gifts and challenges presented by each individual child. We make decisions based on careful consideration of ‘best practices’ research and sound financial stewardship, but most importantly with consideration of the unique needs of each student. 

I thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to lead such an inspiring and focused educational community. As we strive to live our mission statement, I encourage each and every staff member, parent, and community member to actively “embrace the richness of our cultural diversity,” to support education by “setting high expectations,” and always focus on the “needs of our learners.” I look forward to your partnership in this effort.

Cindy Whittaker, Ed.D.
Email: cwhittaker@fairview.k12.il.us
Phone: 847.929.1050