Welcome from Principal Albans

I am thrilled to be the new K-4 Principal at Fairview School! It is a great privilege to join the Fairview community and I am looking forward to meeting all the students, parents, and community members throughout the school year.

The Fairview staff are highly dedicated educators who are committed to children and provide a positive learning experience for all students. Teachers work collaboratively with their grade level team to ensure students’ academic and social emotional needs are being met. They also attend professional development opportunities to ensure they stay up to update on best practice and how students learn best.

One of our goals at Fairview is to establish a warm, inviting, and safe environment where all students of all abilities can learn and grow. I am passionate about collaborating with students, parents, and teachers to help our students achieve their greatest potential and become lifelong learners.

The partnerships between our families and our school are extremely important for the success of our students. Students benefit most when parents and teachers are working together for the success of our child. It’s our goal to maintain regular communication between the school and home so that families best know what is happening in the classroom and at school.  

I hope you take an opportunity to volunteer in your child’s classroom, get involved in our many fun school events, and take an active role in your child’s learning.

I am looking forward to a great school year!


Athanasia Albans

K-4 Fairview Principal