Strep Throat

Symptoms of Strep include:

·         Complaints of a sore throat and upon observation the throat is red and swollen.

·         A grayish-white substance maybe noted at the back of the throat.

·         The tonsils maybe enlarged and the glands maybe swollen and tender.

·         The symptoms may come on abruptly with fever, chills, headache, and a sore throat with pain upon swallowing.

Action to Take:

·         If you suspect your child may have strep go to the doctor to get an evaluation and strep test.

·         Children diagnosed with strep throat are excluded from school.

o   Diagnosis is made on the basis of clinical symptoms, elevated white blood count and a throat culture.

·         They may return to school after taking antibiotics for 24 hours and are fever free.

·         The child should take all the prescribed antibiotics until the container is empty even if the child feels better.

·         Call your doctor if you child experiences side effects from the medication, such as hives, or does not improve after 48 hours.

Please report a diagnosed case of Strep to me.