Mr. Michael Lopatka

Hello Fairview Families!  

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  I am thrilled to be starting my 10th year here at Fairview South, and honored to be starting my 2nd as Middle School Principal.  I hold this community dear to my heart, and the students, families, and staff have had a tremendous impact on my career thus far and will continue to do so in the future.  

First and foremost, Fairview South is dedicated to creating an environment for our students that is safe, engaging, and sets a high expectation for academic excellence. The Skokie community, and specifically our Fairview community, is one that embraces and celebrates diversity.  Our school diversity lends itself to a learning experience for our students that is authentic, yet challenging, making room for growth through both success and failure.

The staff at Fairview believes strongly in making Fairview a “second” home for our students.  Fairview should be a place where students are eager to come to learn, explore the world around them, be curious, and ask thoughtful questions.  The Fairview staff is dedicated to providing this experience to students, and work collaboratively to always stay progressive in the world of education.  

With that being said, we encourage a strong partnership between Fairview South and our families.  Having a strong relationship helps contribute to a successful and positive school experience for our students.  We love support from our families and look forward to having you contribute to the Fairview tradition!  

I look forward to catching up, and meeting many new families this school year!

Go Falcons,

Mr. Michael Lopatka