Community & Student Engagement

Mrs. Kilpatrick
Jordan Kilpatrick
Director of Community and Student Engagement

Greetings to the Students and Families of Fairview District 72! I hope your student(s) is enjoying the school year thus far.

I am Ms. Jordan Kilpatrick, the Director of Community and Student Engagement. I am a proud  Illinois native. I am excited to bring years of experience in community mobilization; community and student outreach; diversity equity and inclusion work efforts; prevention education, presenting, teaching and a combination of so many other experiences, skill sets and knowledge. I am thrilled to be a part of the Fairview District 72 family and community and I look forward to engaging and creating relationships with you!

As the Director of Community and Student Engagement, I will be directing efforts toward creating successful ways to engage parents, students and the Fairview community. It is my charge to provide safe and brave spaces for parents to connect and share their thoughts, feedback and opinions. I will also serve as the liaison to connect families to community resources, events and services. Amongst the Fairview Family Engagement (FFE) meetings that have been started, I will also serve as the Faculty advisor for the Parent Equity Advisory Group and the Student Equity Advisory Committee. I look forward to meeting you as we conquer this school year!