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Covid-19 Documents

For information on how to monitor symptoms and best not catch or spread COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Fairview South School District 72 - Board of Education
The board approved Return to School Plan - Please click here

Return to School Plan - Parent Webinar
A recording of the webinar is available by clicking here. A PDF of the slideshow presentation is also available for download by click here.

Parent Survey Results
June 2020 - Parent Survey Results

Communications With Families
We will continue to provide you with regular updates as this situation develops. For the latest information, please visit our website and monitor your email and phone for messages from the District.

Additionally, it is important for our students that we model measured behavior and rely on each other for support. Our students take their cues from the important adults in their lives and we can weather this challenging time together by refraining from alarmist or stress-inducing language in their presence. Please take a moment to review the following support resources:

The goal of District 72's E-learning program is to provide students with opportunities for connection, well-being, and learning while school is closed. We know that this is a new experience for students, their families, and for our teachers, and ask for everyone's patience as we continue this journey together. While we recognize that our remote learning plan will never duplicate the rich learning that occurs in a classroom, we will continue to develop our capacity to provide learning to student(s) over the coming weeks.

The Fairview School District 72 e-Learning Plan does fulfill the requirements of the law and does allow for continuity of learning for our students. District 72 is following the guidance on E-Learning that has been provided by the Illinois State Board of Education and our plan includes reading, writing, math, social studies, and science along with social-emotional activities, fine arts, and physical education. Activities are provided through various means: online tools, researching, practice assignments, educational videos, and more. Teachers are reviewing previously learned material with students and have begun teaching new material to students as well. While some activities and assignments may require the use of a device, students will have offline learning opportunities as well. Opportunities for enrichment are offered each day.

Students may do their activities and assignments at any time and can take as much time as they need. Teachers will connect with students daily and provide feedback. In addition, teachers will be available to you and to your child via scheduled office hours to provide assistance. Families are welcome to support their child with activities and assignments, however; activities and assignments are designed for students to complete independently.

Special Education Students

Students will have lessons and activities aligned with their IEPs. In addition, special education teachers will make regular contact with students. Face-to-face time may be scheduled with your child virtually either 1:1 or in small groups at least weekly. Teachers and related service staff will be available during office hours and virtual sessions to provide services to students. Students who receive related services minutes in their IEP will receive services through the use of video technology or hands-on tasks provided by the therapist/clinician via SeeSaw (K - 4th grade) or Google Classroom (5th - 8th grade). Further individualization will be determined based on what is appropriate for each student and family.

English Language Learners

Students will have activities and assignments aligned to their level of English language proficiency. Students who receive their ESL instruction from a resource teacher can expect regular contact from those teachers, as well as from their classroom teacher. The resource teachers will also establish office hours to provide you and your child with assistance.

ISBE Remote Learning Recommendations