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Mrs. Bastian
Mrs. Bastian

The Fairview Library is a wonderful place that provides students the opportunity to access resources for academic and personal growth. The library offers a diverse range of titles that support our schools curriculum and promotes the love of reading.

Every kindergarten through 4th grade class visits the library weekly for library/technology lessons and book checkout. During class, the kids are exposed to different styles of literature and take part in activities which promote vocabulary development, comprehension, and background knowledge. while fostering a joy of reading. Students also learn how to research, take notes and develop critical thinking skills when evaluating sources. Topics such as internet safety, literature evaluation, and digital literacy are also covered.

MIddle school students are free to visit the library at any point during the school day to check out materials or work with their peers in small groups. Reading programs throughout the year include book groups, author visits, and our annual Battle of the Books competition. 

The Fairview Library is a place where everyone is welcome and can find something they love.