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Mrs. Chung
Ms. Chung

Ms. Swenson
Mrs. Swenson

Art at Fairview follows the “Teaching for Artistic Behavior” philosophy of art education and is based on the basic principles that the child is the artist, the art room is their studio to make art, and that we’re inquiring: “what do artists do?” Young Fairview Artists find their voice through making artistic choices and embodying the habits of an artist. Artists find deep engagement with their work, explore and experiment to find new forms of expression. They work as a community of artists, sharing and reflecting along the way. The art program allows practice in a variety of media: drawing and painting, collage, fiber, 3D sculpture and cardboard, as well as a robust Clay program. Additionally, students learn about a diverse selection of past and contemporary artists and spend time analyzing the various ways these working artists express themselves. 
Artists at Fairview are encouraged to find their artistic path and with patience and practice, excel in their artmaking.